What to Bring to Lake Tahoe California, Packing List


What to Bring

Are you wondering what to bring when you travel to the Lake Tahoe area? What you need to bring with you depends on the time of year that you intend to visit and what particular activities you want to engage in while you are here. One thing to bring, no matter when you visit, is your camera. There are too many memorable shots here to miss!

If you are planning a winter vacation filled with fun, active snow related sports, it shouldn't take much thought to realize that you need to come prepared for cold weather. Pack a heavy coat! It gets very cold in Reno and the Lake Tahoe area. Put in your snow boots – even if you don't think that you'll need them, you'll be glad you have them when the weather suddenly drops way below zero and the snow begins to fall. Don't forget gloves or mittens and long, warm pants. It's always a good idea to plan to "layer" your clothing.

If you are planning a summer vacation the selection of clothing will, obviously, be different. Bring along a light sweater or jacket and carry it with you, especially if you are going to be out and about in the evening. No matter how hot it gets during the day, summer evenings can be chilly. If you're visiting Reno or Lake Tahoe, you'll find plenty of places to get out and enjoy the outdoors, so make sure you bring a pair of comfortable walking or hiking shoes. Clothing should include items suitable for whatever activity you plan to enjoy – boots for hiking, water gear for rafting, boating, or kayaking, shorts for hot days, and long pants for cooler nights. Always go prepared as the weather can change suddenly.

Regardless of the season or the planned activity, pack your sunscreen and apply it often. It is always sunny in the Tahoe area and because you will be at a higher altitude, you may have a tendency to sun burn more readily. And of course, bring sunglasses and the appropriate hat for the season!

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