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Get information on Tahoe climate to prepare for your trip. No matter when you arrive, find out the best way to dress for the weather throughout the year.


The cold and snow of winter often linger into April and May. In fact, March and April still average 36 inches and 15 inches of snowfall, respectively. Average temperatures during these months can range from a low of 22 degrees F to a high of 61 degrees F.


Summer-time temperatures in Tahoe remain relatively mild. During the day, expect average highs of around 70 to 79 degrees F. At night the temperature will often dip down into the low to mid 40s, so a light jacket is always a good idea. This time year is usually pretty dry, but scattered rain showers are possible.


Autumn weather can be pleasant in Tahoe, although temperatures average 10 to 20 degrees lower than summer readings--highs ranging from 40 degrees F to the upper 60s. Over-night temperatures can fall into the thirty and forties.

Snowstorms increase in frequency and intensity as winter approaches.

Sudden storms can cause a drop in temperature and/or result in precipitation.


Winter temperatures are cold, especially at higher elevations at the ski resorts. Expect average highs in the low 40s and average lows in the teens.
Tahoe will often receive in excess of 300 inches of snow, especially at higher elevations, so warm winter clothing is a must.

Throughout the Year

  • At any time of year, be prepared for sudden changes; this is the mountains after all.
  • Always carry extra clothing when hiking, skiing, or snowmobiling.
  • Good walking shoes and layers of clothing are recommended throughout the year. In the winter you'll also need warm boots.
  • Spring and Fall are considered the off season, so they make great times to visit if you're trying to avoid the crowds.
  • Despite Tahoe’s heavy snowfall, the area still averages about 250 – 300 sunny days per year.
  • Because of the high elevation, ultraviolet rays are extremely strong in Tahoe. Always wear sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy.

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