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Summer Activities

While resort operations are closed at Alpine Meadows during the summer, the area is still home to two great hiking trails. Read More

  • Resort operations are closed during the summer!
  • There are two hiking trails that leave from Alpine Meadows
  • Alpine Meadows Road to Five Lakes Basin is a great 4 mile hike


During the summer, there are no resort operations at Alpine Meadows! However, the area is home to two great hiking trails.

  • Alpine Meadows Road to Five Lakes
    This 3.8 mile out-and-back trail begins at Alpine Meadows and continues along a ridgline to Five Lakes Basin, a breathtaking alpine lake basin set at 7,550 feet. This trail is best attempted July through September as late season snow can still dot the trail in June. Swimming is popular here, but remember, the water remains cold until late in the summer.
  • Alpine Meadows to Twin Peaks Trail
    This arduous but beautiful out-and-back hike begins at Alpine Meadow Ski Resort and travels 19 miles to Five Lakes basin and then to the Sierra Crest. Though backpacking is an option, there are very few decent campsites in the area. This one is for experts only.