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Daggett Pass

The Daggett Pass scenic drive takes you along State Route 207, from South Lake Tahoe to Carson Valley, for an incredible trip with landscapes of national forests and breathtaking views. Read More

  • The Daggett Pass scenic drive, along State Route 207, provides lovely forest landscapes
  • Just east of Lake Tahoe, it’s only a 40-minute drive to Carson Valley and back
  • Hike to Genoa Peak on a 13-mile out and back trip
  • Take the Tahoe Rim Trail to Star Lake


From South Lake Tahoe, you can drive across Daggett Pass and down to Carson Valley, following the road around hairpin turns, through pristine forests and near marvelous hiking trails. Perhaps this is an overlooked scenic byway, but is certainly worth the time it takes to travel for the views, the outdoor recreation and fresh mountain air.

Driving Directions

Take US Highway 50 from South Lake Tahoe heading north and turn onto Nevada State Route 207 and follow this to Carson Valley. You’ll pass over the Daggett Pass on this drive.


The Daggett Pass road is an 11.2-mile drive, which takes about 20 minutes one-way.


Hiking and backpacking are the preferred activities around Daggett Pass. Trails in the area offer the best way to access the backcountry. You can find one major trailhead off Highway 207, 1.5 miles down Tramway Drive near the Stagecoach Express ski lift.

  • Daggett Pass to Genoa Peak
    Hiking a part of the Tahoe Rim Trail is easy from Daggett Pass. To take the hike to Genoa Peak, it’s only 13 miles out and back, which takes about 6.5 hours. You’ll be awestruck with the views of Lake Tahoe and the Pine Nut Mountains to the east.
  • Daggett Pass to Star Lake
    Take the Tahoe Rim Trail for 17.6 miles out and back for a 10-hour marathon, through amazing landscapes and the reward of a cooling dip in Star Lake (if coming in mid-July to August). Great views await you – of Carson Valley and Lake Tahoe.
  • Daggett Pass to Brockway Summit
    Again, the Tahoe Rim Trail provides you with some adventure. On this 52-mile moderate to difficult backpacking journey you will find an abundance of breathtaking views. The likelihood of getting some long-desired solitude is great on this trail, as the people braving this trail are few.