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Despite the fact that you have to over twenty-one to be in a gambling establishments, both the Tahoe area in the State of California and the Tahoe area in the State of Nevada, provide ample opportunities for the entire family – young to old. This is a great place to plan your next family vacation.

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Going on vacation with your family can be a fun time and a time to reconnect with family members. In our day-to-day lives, family unity suffers from work schedules, school schedules and extra-curricular activities. It is easy to find things to do and things to see in the Lake Tahoe-Reno area that is fun for the entire family.

By doing a little planning, you may be able to take advantage of packages that include special discounts and pricing that can include everything from your transportation, to lodging, dining, and entertainment and even select age appropriate activities.

Even the casinos in the Nevada area of Tahoe have activities and programs geared to those under twenty-one. There are many things to do for the small fry, while the adults try their luck at roulette, craps, black jack and/or slot machines. Other evening entertainment for the entire family includes movies, theater productions, and special musical and artistic events.

The hiking and biking trails in the area are suited to every age and experience level. Everyone can enjoy a day fishing or simply sight seeing – checking out the western heritage in historical districts, museums, galleries and various historical sites. And don't forget the fabulous skiing!

Bring the family and have a fun-filled memorial vacation in the Lake Tahoe-Reno area.