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As the largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe is known for it's brilliant blue, crystal-clear waters and a range of water recreation opportunities suitable for those of all ages and experience.


Surrounded by the Sierra Nevada and Carson Mountain ranges, visitors and locals can combine beautiful scenery with adventure, or perhaps a serene boating excursion.  There is a range of Lake Tahoe boating opportunities suitable for those of all ages and experience.

Boat Rentals

Interested in Lake Tahoe boating?  Not only do the lake's marinas offer services for those with their own boats, there are a variety of boat rentals available. There is a variety of available boat rentals, including ski/wakeboard boats, fishing boats, sailboats, kayaks, speed boats, and even yacht charters.


Offering spectacular scenery, sky blue water, and wind, Lake Tahoe is a sailboat destination for both those new to sailing and experienced sailors.  A variety of sailboat rental packages can be found at one of Tahoe's marinas.  Lessons for those interested in learning how to sail or those wishing to hone their skills are also available.

Lake Tahoe Cruises

Suitable for the whole family, a Lake Tahoe cruise is a great way to experience the sparkling waters of Lake Tahoe and majestic Sierra Nevada peaks.  There are variety of cruise options, some of which combine spectacular scenery with dining and entertainment.

Jet Ski Rentals

An alternative to traditional Tahoe boating, enjoy the clear, cool waters of Lake Tahoe on board a Jet Ski or Wave Runner.  Keep in mind there are new regulations governing the use of jet skis and wave runners.  It may be easiest to rent from one of the Lake Tahoe marina's watercraft shops, as rental facilities are now in compliance with the new rules.

Yachts & Charters

Looking for an unique and elegant alternative celebration for a birthday, family reunion, or wedding reception?  Consider boating Lake Tahoe on a private charter from one of the many companies located at various marinas.  For Yachts with a capacity of more than 6 people, the charter will include a licensed Coast Guard Crew.


Whether you'd like to enjoy a quiet retreat at a marina resort or interested in spending an adrenaline-full day on the lake,  one of Lake Tahoe's 14 marinas will fit your needs.  These marinas are a valuable source of Lake Tahoe boating information, as well as provides an array of services and rentals. 

Boating Safety

Because boating on Lake Tahoe is one of the best ways to experience the lake, all types of boating has become very popular with locals and visitors alike.  As with most water sports, there are boat safety regulations and guidelines in place to ensure not only a great time, but also a safe one.  The Taylor Creek Visitor Center provides more information on Federal law requirements, as well as preparation.

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