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1960 Winter Olympics

In the Tahoe Basin in California lies Squaw Valley, the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, where thousands came to watch 34 nations compete in incredible winter games. Now, anyone can visit this beautiful valley and see why and how Squaw Valley beat out everyone else to become the Olympic choice. Read More

In February 1960, Squaw Valley, California was the place where 2,000 pigeons were released to fly into the mountain air to celebrate the opening of the Olympic Winter Games. There were over 20,000 attendees, coming to watch 1,000 competitors, and the sky cleared of its threatening storm and the sun broke through as the Games started.

As the Olympic Torch completed its 9,000-mile journey, the Olympic Oath sounded, and fireworks erupted with a multitude of balloons flying high. Alpine and ski jumping events enthralled visitors, and the debut of women's speed skiing held everyone's attention. The men's biathlon also saw its start at this event.

Among some of the firsts to take place in Squaw Valley were the 1) first Olympics to be televised, 2) first time the athletes were housed in their own Olympic Village and 3) first time that computers were used to figure the results of the competitions.

When you come to Lake Tahoe on vacation, you can witness the collection of memorabilia of the Winter Games that took place here, with beautiful views to accompany your browsing, at the Olympic Winter Games Museum. Don't miss a visit to this historic location.