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Steinbach Indian Basket Museum

To see California Native American history at its best, be sure to visit the captivating collections at the Steinbach Indian Basket Museum, operated by the Tahoe Historical Society. One-of-a-kind collections of Indian baskets and other artifacts are kept here, honoring the Indian culture. It's something the whole family must see. Read More

The lifelong interest of Marion Steinbach led to the wonderful collections of Native American culture and history that you can view at the Steinbach Indian Basket Museum. This museum in the Lake Tahoe, California area is in one separate wing of the Gatekeeper's Museum with wonderful collections of baskets, dolls and pottery that are sure to fascinate.

Marion Steinbach gathered rare Indian baskets from more than 85 tribes, and now there are over 800 on display at the Steinbach Museum. They range from large baskets around 3 feet in diameter all the way to tiny miniatures of ¼ inch. There are also intriguing items such as rattles made of caribou hooves, Indian clothing and a Southwestern pottery collection.

Visit the Native American research library and browse. Read the descriptions made by Marion Steinbach of the items she's carefully documented and described in her world-class collection.

You can visit the museum all year, but note the different hours of operation. From May 1 to June 15, and in September, the museum is open on Wednesday through Sunday. From June 15th to Labor Day, it's open every day. From October through April it's only open on weekends from 11am to 3pm.