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Golden Phoenix Reno Casino

The former hotel and casino Golden Phoenix is in the process of rising again, this time in the form of luxury condominiums. Built from the hotel's existing steel structure, the new "urban village," called The Montage, will feature five distinct residence types. The Montage should open sometimes in 2008. Read More

In 1955, the Virginia Street casino of the former Golden Phoenix was opened as Primadonna. For a period in the late 80's and early 90's it was called Paco's, then later the Flamingo Hilton before becoming the Golden Phoenix. The main hotel/casino on North Sierra Street initially opened as the Sahara in 1978 before it became part of the Flamingo Hilton, and later Golden Phoenix in 2002.

The property has a rich history in the world of gambling and entertainment. The Golden Phoenix hosted the longest craps roll in Nevada's history, with a shooter throwing for over three hours without tossing a "seven." In 2002 while the casino was closed for remodeling, the casino was used in the filming of the Hollywood movie, The Cooler. This tale of good luck and bad luck features William H. Macy and Alec Baldwin.

As of 2005, the Golden Phoenix hotel and North Sierra Street casino have closed, with the Virginia Street casino closing in October 2006. The $143 million construction project on The Montage residences is nearing completion, with over 40% of the homes already reserved. The unique dwellings include tower residences, rowhouses, lofts, terrace townhomes and penthouses.

For more information about The Montage, please call (775) 329-2800.