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The Silver Legacy Reno Casino is centered in the heart of the city; one of Nevada's gambling havens. In fact, its guests are so impressed by its slot machine section of its casino that they considered it to be the most thrilling one in the city. Other visitors however do not go for the gambling, but the outstanding entertainment and amazing high level of amenities that this hotel/casino has to offer. Not only are its three towers of suits and rooms lavishly adorned, but even its lobby showcases the exquisite taste that its owners have put into this top class hotel. Read More

Sitting in the downtown, Nevada's Silver Legacy Reno Casino is so much more than just gambling. Its elite collection of art treasures, entertainment and amenities are beyond compare to other Reno resorts. It boasts almost every service needed and has its guests raving over its large casino. Even its dining it something that travelers refuse to pass on.

This one thousand, seven hundred and twenty room series of towers is classified as the city's masterpiece, designed upon the Victorian era. Owned by two of the biggest casino giants in Nevada, its lobby is adorned with treasures from Africa, the Far East and even Europe. From time to time some of these pieces are easily visible, on display in the main lobby. Pieces including Oriental carpets, hand-carved furniture, crystal and gold chandeliers, rare carousels, vintage brass lamps (street), Victorian paintings and antique planes and cars.

The inner sanctum of the resort is linked by a large skywalk, allowing easy access from the casino to the mezzanine's public spots, restaurants and two other nearby hotel casinos. Everywhere a traveler looks, refined and strong Victorian features are set in stone in the décor, including such features as international art, deep and dark woods, marble flooring and rich carpeting. This is set off with the history of the state, one deeply routed in silver and gold mining.

Facilities include varied boutique shops and five thousand more feet of shopping excitement. There is even a beauty salon and barbers. Other amenities and services include a Swedish style spa, rigging for mining, laundry/concierge services, pool, sun deck, fitness center and airport shuttle services. The rooms also include 8 penthouses and one hundred and forty five spa suites for players; all contained within three towers of above 30 stories each. Guests also appreciate the 24/24 free and valet parking services and that kids under twelve stay for free. In fact, kids will delight as much as the adults in the large arcade, containing everything from golf to outer space adventures.

Six delectable eating venues and restaurants offer choice fare for all ages, including fine wines and rare beverages. Tourists can enjoy sizzling steaks, fresh oysters, a Victorian style buffet, coffees and deserts, fast food, light snacks with entertainment and fine dining.

Entertainment in the hotel has ranged from yesterday's top ten music wonders like Tony Bennett to more recent rock'n'roll groups. Guests can enjoy a nightly dose of laughter or try their hand personally at entertaining the crowds at their comedy club. Two bars offer jazz piano and major cabarets.

The Silver Legacy's casino covers some eighty five thousand feet, including thousands of slots, over seventy game tables, a Keno area and even a betting bookie's. In fact, the casino is home to one of the hotels most famous pieces of architecture, the world's biggest dome (180 ft diameter) and the 120 ft in height automatic mining equipment. This dome offers a historical show of light, creative effects and historical narrations that are sure to entertain. Even the storefront facades are reminiscent of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Finally, for those business travelers seeking a quiet location away from the frenzy of the gamblers, the hotel has a huge ninety thousand square foot convention, meeting, entertainment and pavilion center. Offering state of the art technology and equipment, as well as catering services and event planning for huge numbers of people, the hotel has covered every aspect for every visitor. Special business packages are available upon request.