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Tahoe Nordic Center

The Tahoe Nordic Center is a huge skiing and winter play area that is found near Lake Tahoe. A specialized x-country ski facility has been set up to allow skiers with high levels of technology and advancements that will enhance their ability to appreciate crosscountry and Nordic sports in the Sierra Mountains. Many visitors go to the center every year to partake in the experiences that only their trails and opportunities provide. Their many kilometers of tracks make cross country skiing a real thrill. Read More

It's surprising that many modern skiers think cross country skiing is for old folk and that they do not have a clue what Nordic skiing is. In fact, when they discover the history behind crosscountry skiing and its origins in Norwegian telemarking, they soon take a second look. The Tahoe Nordic Center is considered one of the United States' best x-country locations, where tourists can ski the many trails with just the basics or even advance to using GPS systems and head into the backcountry for some added adventures.

What makes the center unique is that their trail system also doubles as a huge treasure hunting system where high tech meets old fashioned skiing and orienteering. Three different ability levels are on offer, including beginner, intermediate and expert, both having two treasure levels. Coordinates are provided for such excursions and complete equipment is provided. This includes an altimeter, weather station device, GPS and crosscountry equipment.

The history of cross country skiing in the Lake Tahoe region is fascinating. It started in the late 19th century and was developed by two explorers, who discovered its beauty and potential. As a result, many skiing resorts have been built to accommodate the growing demand for such activities, and they are by no means restricted to Nordic skiing. In fact, the variety of Nordic sports has extended to include saucering, ice skating, tobogganing, downhill skiing, sleighing, snowboarding, tubing and even snowshoeing. However, the uniqueness of this Nordic center is found in the technology that is provided, helping crosscountry skiers of the more advanced levels to navigate across backcountry trails that are sometimes more challenging and involve a certain level of climbing skills. The advances in track and skate skiing, as well as telemark are becoming highly respected.

The Tahoe Nordic provides forty km of carefully and well-maintained trails, all fit with the latest technical devices. Amenities at the center include Nordic rentals, café food, a sundeck, lessons and teaching facilities. For those out on the trails, warming huts and picnic tables are readily available.