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Boca Reservoir

Boca Reservoir, not far from Truckee, California, is an ideal spot to visit for family fun when on a Lake Tahoe vacation, with great fishing, hiking, camping and boating.

  • You’ll discover great family outdoor fun at Boca Reservoir
  • Close to Lake Tahoe, making it an excellent side trip
  • Accessible year round
  • Catch some Kokanee salmon on the reservoir
  • Take a kayak out to do some paddling
  • Camp out under the stars at Boca Reservoir in the Sierras


Boca Reservoir California is a small lake on the Little Truckee River, only a short drive from Lake Tahoe. Providing a number of recreational opportunities, this is a spot popular with locals and travelers alike. The Sierra Nevada Mountains surround you with their beauty while you enjoy the clean, pine-scented air.

Location & Information

Reach Boca Reservoir CA from Lake Tahoe by taking California Highway 89 north to Interstate 80, going east and taking the Hirschdale exit. Continue driving 1.5 miles to the Stampede Dam Road, turning left to the reservoir.

Boca Reservoir is open all year, although it’s frozen over during the winter. The best season to come is from May to October, unless you enjoy ice fishing.

Contact information: 530-587-3558


  • Fishing
    Boca Reservoir is the perfect fishing destination for catching salmon and trout. You’ll find rainbows, brown trout and Kokanee salmon here. Ice fishing is popular during the winter months.
  • Boating
    Any boating enthusiast will have a great time on this reservoir. You can canoe, kayak or take your motorboat across the pristine surface. If on a motorboat, you’ll need to pay attention to the 5 mph speed limit for inlets, but this makes paddling these areas safe and easy.
  • Hiking
    The favorite trail at Boca Reservoir is the hike to the Town of Boca. This is an easy ¾-hour trek to a historic site.
  • Camping
    Find Boca Reservoir camping at any one of the great campgrounds. Boca Rest Campground offers 25 sites for tents or RVs, Boca Spring Campground has 20 sites, with some space for trailers and Boyington Mill Campground has 12 tent or trailer sites. Call for reservations: 1-877-444-6777

Fun Facts

The Town of Boca was known for making beer and ice, two commodities that compliment each other well. But the ice wasn’t just for the beer – it was also used in the refrigeration cars of the Central Pacific Railroad. You can still see remnants of the ponds that were used to make this ice when you visit this town site.