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You can fish on Lake Tahoe year round. Fishing here provides the finest outdoor adventure to be found anywhere in the area. Few places in the lower forty-eight states can compare to Lake Tahoe's spectacular scenery, crisp, fresh air and excellent fishing. The average fish caught on Lake Tahoe is 4 pounds, and lake trout over 10 pounds are common.

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Not too many visitors to Lake Tahoe are aware of the wonderful experiences that can be had fishing on Lake Tahoe. Boating, water skiing, and sailing are popular things to do in Lake Tahoe, but underneath those boats lurk millions of mackinaw lake trout. The Lake itself has many reasons to be noteworthy – the deepest lake in California, the third deepest in all of North America, and a body of water that contains some of the purest water found anywhere. However, few individuals know that Lake Tahoe provides some of the finest and most consistent fishing available anywhere in the West.
Lake Tahoe fishing guides get to work surrounded by fantastic scenery and in a prolific fishery. Close by are hotels, motels, restaurants, casinos and world class skiing. Fishing Lake Tahoe fits in well with many Lake Tahoe activities.

Charter companies are available to enhance your sport-fishing trip on the Lake. You can find guided sport fishing companies that will help you hook those Rainbow, Kokanee and Lake Trout (Mackinaw). Just like the size of Lake Tahoe, the fish you will find here are huge. Kokanee record is 4lb. 15oz. and the Lake Trout record is 37lb. 8oz. The Mackinaw average 3-5 lbs and fish from 6 to 10 lbs. are common. Kokanee Salmon are smaller than Mackinaw, but are very numerous and catches of 20 to 30 fish on light tackle are normal from mid-July through August.