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Spooner Lake

Spooner Lake, on the east side of Lake Tahoe, is below Spooner Summit, sitting at approximately 7,000 feet above sea level, surrounded by forests, meadow and superb scenery.

  • Spooner Lake is surrounded by gorgeous scenery below Spooner Summit
  • Located on the east side of Lake Tahoe
  • Accessible all year
  • Hike the loop trail around the lake
  • Fish for trout from the shore
  • Visit the remains of an old set from Bonanza


Spooner Lake Nevada is a gem, with sparkling clear waters, mountain views and tons of outdoor recreation. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Lake Tahoe, making it a great destination for a short side trip on your Tahoe vacation.

Location & Information

It’s simple to reach Spooner Lake NV from any part of Lake Tahoe. From Incline Village take California Highway 28 south along the east side of the lake. About 10 miles south of Incline Village, turn left when you see the Spooner Lake sign.

Spooner Lake is accessible all year.

Contact information:
Lake Tahoe-Nevada State Park
P.O. Box 6116
Incline Village, NV 89450
Website: http://parks.nv.gov/parks/marlette-hobart-backcountry/


  • Hiking
    There are nearby trailheads that give access to the backcountry and other short trails that are perfect for the whole family. An easy 1.6-mile loop trail encircles the lake, with interpretive displays, benches and lots of great scenery.
  • Fishing
    All ages enjoy Spooner Lake fishing, catching rainbow, brown and large cutthroat trout. The best time to fish is from June to July. It’s all catch-and-keep with a limit of 5. Ice fishing is great in winter months.
  • Camping
    There is no available Spooner Lake camping, but you can camp in the backcountry at designated sites or at other locations around Lake Tahoe.

Fun Facts

Spooner Lake was originally created for use as a millpond for a timber company. A dam was constructed across Spooner Creek in the 1850s for this purpose.

The lake has gained fame as a location for movie and television filming. In fact, visitors can see the remains of an old set (a wagon camp) from the television series “Bonanza.”