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Lake Valley State Recreation Area

The perfect place to come for some fun in the summer and excitement in winter months, Lake Valley State Recreation Area will provide you with a vacation full of activities you love. The clean mountain air, the forested hills, the towering peaks – this is a California recreation wonderland for the whole family. Read More

Lake Valley State Recreation Area is encircled by some spectacular mountains and forested landscapes. It's an ideal California vacation destination for those times when you want to get some relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you're a golf lover, there's no better place to come. The 18-hole course here is a championship one where balls travel farther than you can imagine in the high altitude of over 6,000 feet. You'll play your best game when invigorated by this wilderness setting.

In the winter, you'll find some incredible adventures await you with snowmobile trails and cross-country skiing available. The snow-covered pines and the crisp mountain air in this park create an atmosphere that will amaze you with its tranquility.

This high up in the Sierras will have you experiencing some rapid climate changes. During summer months the usual daytime temperature is around 75 degrees, dropping to the low 40s at night. Although summers are generally dry, terrific thunderstorms can build up. You should always pack rain gear. Wintertime is mostly cold and wet, with most of the precipitation coming in the form of snow from October to April. Dress warmly by layering your clothes.