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Comstock Firemen's Museum

When people hear that one of Virginia City's (Nevada) firefighting engine companies has been in operation for over a hundred years, they are astounded. However, many do not realize that this same unit maintains the honored traditions and history that have been a major part of the city's history. In fact, the Comstock Fireman's Museum is a must see, a place that is especially great for tourists with kids. Read More

The Comstock Firemen's Museum is a major part of Nevada's proud history, situated right in the heart of Virginia City. Though it may not be the first choice for some tourists, others go there to marvel at historical firefighting techniques and equipment of the mid-1800's. In fact, one of its firefighting units is still used today by volunteers for the very purpose that it was originally designed for.

The original station house still stands, and was constructed in 1860. It was also home to a few other businesses, but was completely taken over for firefighting needs as the city grew. In fact, the county's volunteer firemen manned their post there up until 1962. However, in 1979 it was reopened as the museum, which had begun its life under the same roof as a brewery and saloon.

Today the museum displays varied types of mechanized and other firefighting equipment. With the help of the volunteer firefighters, the building was constantly maintained and lovingly restored.

The building is home to varied artifacts, helmets, belts, uniforms, hosed carriages, hand operated engines and even a ladder wagon. The uniforms attract the most attention because of the bright red shirts, a color that has always been associated with fire engines versus uniforms. Even the helmets are interesting, made then of leather, a not so safe material, but unfortunately all that the brave firefighting volunteers had to work with.

Open daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day, April to May, and September to October, from 10 AM till 5 PM, visitors are welcomed with friendly smiles. Though no admission is required, the department does gratefully accept all donations.