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Mark Twain Museum

Though once a place of historical significance, Virginia City's Mark Twain Museum of Memories has been developed into a bookstore, though many original artifacts and pieces of its original history are still on display. This Nevada treasure pays homage to this author, but most importantly allows locals and tourists to read his many pieces of literature and take a step back into an era long since forgotten. Read More

The Mark Twain Museum of Memories is located in Virginia City, Nevada, now known as the Mark Twain Bookstore. It began its days in the 50's, but by 90's was sold off and decommissioned. However, tourists still flock to this old Victorian building to enjoy the pleasure of not only see the many remaining artifacts, but find some very rare copies and newer versions of the famous American author's works and the history of his life.

Most visitors are not aware that Mark Twain was the pen name for Samuel L. Clemens, who lived in Virginia City from 1861 to 1864. At that time he was a newspaper man, and was witness to the many mining developments that the area saw.

When the new family took over the museum it became apparent that the demand for his books and the history of the area he lived in was of great interest to everyone, including tourists. The museum was closed, but sections of it and its many historical books, documents and photographs have been preserved, some of which are on display. In fact, it is a popular place for genealogists as it has the largest research collection in the United States. Other important documents and information includes banking paperwork, railroad papers, stocks certificates, maps, billheads and other mining documentation.

The museum's collection of rare, out of print and old books include western women, Victorian children, mining, state history and Mark Twain. Many of them still are available for purchase and provide delightful and memorable gifts for one and all.

The museum's/bookstore's building is one of the city's oldest (1862). It has survived the virtual destruction of the city in 1875, housed a bank, a paint store, a hardware store, a gas station and an auto parts store.