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Silver City Ghost Town

Though Nevada is dotted with many ghost towns of former mining communities, none can be compared to the history of Silver City. Many visitors come from around the world to see such a well-preserved 19th century community. In fact, people are delighted to see that many things were left much the way they were, right down to general store cash registers and countless other artifacts. Read More

Silver City, Nevada, is filled with the history of mining, a veritable ghost town. It is considered by most to be one of the state's best preserved, offering views of many of the remaining buildings that once thrived as a massive settlement during the gold and silver rushes of the 19th century. Today, tourists can enjoy wandering through the buildings, seeing artifacts and getting tours, learning all there is to know about this exciting place.

The settlement shows a clear picture of what life was like during those days. They soon discover the history behind it, and the inevitable decline in its economy and population as the ore supplies ran out.

Certain buildings are a must see. The former bottling plant and brewery give insight into the Victorian methods of producing beer for thirsty miners. Six local stores, a lumber yard, doctors' offices, legal firms, two local hotels and newspaper buildings are very popular. In fact, many meander down the notorious 'Virgin Alley' and check out the grave stones above the main slaughter house.

Interestingly enough, one of the hotels is still operational. Owned by a devout city entrepreneur, the hotel has been lovingly restored, giving the perfect Wild West style accommodation that its original patrons would have once enjoyed. Even the in-house saloon has become a source of attraction, converted into a more family orientated venue with a full service restaurant and bar, serving nothing, but the tastiest Wild West cuisine.