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Indian Creek Recreation Area

Indian Creek Recreation Area in California, southeast of Lake Tahoe, offers many acres of lovely wilderness, rivers and a lovely reservoir where you can enjoy excellent outdoor recreation. Read More

  • Explore the Indian Creek Recreation Area in California, southeast of Lake Tahoe
  • Come in spring, summer or fall for the best weather
  • Boat or fish on Indian Creek Reservoir
  • Hike any of the four trails into the backcountry and to mountain lakes
  • Camp at the campground on the reservoir’s shore


Indian Creek CA Recreation Area is a park with many facilities, a large reservoir where you can boat and fish, and trails to take you into the backcountry. With this natural wonderland so close to Lake Tahoe, it’s the perfect place to come for a change of pace and unique landscapes.

Location & Information

Indian Creek California Recreation Area can be reached by traveling south from Lake Tahoe on Highway 89. It is between Markleeville and Woodfords, off 89 on Airport Road.

The best times to visit Indian Creek Recreation Area is spring, summer or fall for the most pleasant weather conditions.

Contact information:
BLM Nevada State Office
P.O. Box 12000
Reno NV 89520
1340 Financial Blvd.
Reno, NV 89502


With so much recreational fun available at Indian Creek, you can spend much of your vacation here without running out of things to do. Besides great photo opportunities, you will find the following activities:

  • Hiking
    There are four main trails in this park where you can enjoy some moderate hiking. The Indian Creek Reservoir to Summit Lake and the Lake to Curtz Lake hikes are only 1 mile each, the Curtz Lake to Carson River Trail is 2 miles long, and the Indian Creek Reservoir to Carson River is almost 3 miles in length.
  • Fishing
    With plenty of trout stocked in the reservoir, you’ll find this is a great place to throw in a line and perhaps make a trophy catch! Ensure you contact the California Department of Fish and Game for current fishing regulations and seasons.
  • Boating
    The Indian Creek Reservoir is the perfect place to launch your boat. Enjoy the sun and water between forest adventures. But remember the 10 mph speed limit on the lake.
  • Camping
    The campground at Indian Creek has a boat ramp, restrooms, hot showers and much more. It’s only $14 per night for walk-in tent camping. Get plenty of shade among the Ponderosa and Jeffrey pines.

Fun Facts

There’s nothing like getting out in nature and experiencing the beauty Mother Nature has to offer. Part of the fun is seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat. You will certainly see some mule deer and squirrels. You may also spot coyote, black bears, porcupines and chipmunks. It’s thrilling to recognize different bird species, too, such as woodpeckers, hawks, owls and golden and bald eagles.

Remember to always keep your food safely locked away in a bear box, because this is bear country.