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Mount Rose Wilderness

What do wilderness, Nevada and a city have in common? Most would find it difficult to answer, but to Reno residents they would point in the direction of the large wilderness that is their backyard and playground, a recreation heaven of untouched beauty. Mount Rose Wilderness is a vast area that offers beauty beyond compare with mountain peaks like Mt. Rose, hidden meadows and many miles of challenging trails. Read More

The Mount Rose Wilderness is located in Nevada, skimming the borders of Reno. It is so conveniently located that recreation there is very sought after. Its timeless meadows, lakes and trails are truly incredible, as well as its famous Mt. Rose, still so very well preserved considering the number of people who use them. Despite its close proximity to urbanization, the wilderness is protected and so not only can locals enjoy is pleasures, but tourists can discover what a real wilderness is all about.

Trails can be accessed via varied highways or in Reno from Galena Creek and Thomas Creek parks, and Caughlin Ranch. There are four main trails, Mt. Rose (6 miles), Jones/Whites Creek (8 miles), Thomas Creek (3 miles) and Hunter Creek (2 miles).

Mt. Rose is probably the most used trail in the wilderness, getting at least one hundred to two hundred visitors a day. Views can be seen of Lake Tahoe and the route is fairly easy for any age.

Thomas Creek Trail is fairly difficult. It leads hikers up to a high elevation to Mt. Rose's summit. The views include Lake Tahoe, Mt. Shast and Reno.

The Jones/Whites Loop Trail is leads to varied forests, wilderness locations and creeks. It is the easiest of the trails, fully paved and has washroom access at the trailhead.

The Hunter Creek trail rises up Slide Mountain. The trail uses the Ophir Creek drainage system as part of its route, jumping a stream, heading to Rock Lake and what is left of Lower and Upper Price lakes, and finally heads out to Tahoe Meadows.

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