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Oxbow Nature Study Area

The Oxbow Nature Study Area in Reno, Nevada is the perfect spot to watch and study all aspects of the natural world. It's a natural wildlife area on the Truckee River that has many interesting trails, fishing spots, and sitting areas that make it easy to enjoy nature at a relaxing pace. Read More

The Oxbow Nature Study Area in Reno, Nevada makes it easy for the nature enthusiast to really see what the natural world has to offer, up close. A quiet and relaxing destination that you won't find anywhere else, the study area allows children and adults to communicate with nature and enjoy it at its best.

Located on the Truckee River, the study area is a natural wildlife park that offers the visitor walking trails, excellent fishing opportunities, and various quiet places in which you can sit down, relax, and take in the natural beauty of the scenery. Regular visitors to the park will tell you that several different animals often traverse the park, ranging from birds to beavers. There are tons of interesting plants to enjoy as well.

Many locals flock to this park to take advantage of the retreat it provides away from the noise and stress of everyday modern life. It truly is a wonderful escape that helps people relax and get back to nature, while also protecting the animals and plants that make the area so appealing.

Located at 3100 Dickerson Rd. in Reno, Nevada, the park is open from 8am-dusk, daily. To get there, travel west on Second Street, past Keystone Avenue, and turn left on Dickerson Road.