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Wilbur D May Museum & Arboretum

The Wilbur D May Museum and Arboretum in Reno, Nevada is a unique destination that is a whole lot of fun for kids and families, or anyone who wants to experience something truly different and one-of-a-kind. A museum and an arboretum, this attraction was created to help make education fun. Read More

The Wilbur D May Museum and Arboretum is located in Reno, Nevada. A destination you won't want to miss if you have kids, this unique attraction is both a museum and an arboretum. An adventurous place the whole family will enjoy, the museum section houses a collection of artifacts that you don't normally get to see with your own eyes. Traveling exhibits are also a part of the experience.

The arboretum allows gardeners and those interested in nature to learn about the natural world through vivid displays of flowers and plants. This part of Wilbur May is like a museum that has come alive. There are meadows and courtyards, as well as private places to sit down, relax, and enjoy all that the arboretum has to offer the visitor.

In the Great Basin Adventure section kids will get a kick out of the petting zoo where they can touch the animals, ride a pony, pan for gold, go on a log flume, and explore in the Discovery Room where they are allowed touch anything they want – perfect for kids!

The center came to fruition thanks to Wilbur D May, a Nevada rancher, businessman and philanthropist who was committed to helping children and families learn about the world around them in a fun and interactive way.