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Carson Mountain Range

Part of the spectacular scenic wonder of the Tahoe area is attributable to the Carson Mountain Range. This group of mountains lies along eastern California and western Nevada, just south of Lake Tahoe. The highest peaks of the Carson Mountain Range reach over 10,000 feet in height. The Tahoe area is home to numerous winter and summer outdoor recreation opportunities and various tourist attractions. Read More

The mountains lying to the south of Lake Tahoe form the Carson Mountain Range. High snow-covered peaks reach for the sky. Carpeted with lush green forests and wildflower meadows, the area is a prime location for wonderful outdoor activity.

In the Carson Mountain Range, you will find numerous trails perfect for mountain biking, hiking, and off road 4 wheeling. One of the favorite trails is the Tahoe Rim Trial. This is a 168-mile long-distance hiking trail, which forms a loop around Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada and Carson ranges of California and Nevada. The trail ranges in elevation from 6,240 feet at the outlet of Lake Tahoe to 10,338 feet at Relay Peak in Nevada. About 50 miles of trail above the lake's west shore are also part of the much longer Pacific Crest Trail.

Due to the higher elevation, the best time of the year to use the trails and mountain areas of the Carson Mountain Range is from July through September. Even then, you may still encounter snow in the early part of the season. The climate here is typical of the Sierras, with severe storms during the winter and almost no precipitation falling in the summer.

As with all mountain adventures, always go prepared with plenty of water, food, the appropriate gear and expect sudden changes in the weather.