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Childrens Museum of Northern Nevada

The Children's Museum of Northern Nevada located in Carson City is a place for children to explore, play, imagine and learn. The museum is just five blocks from the Nevada State Capitol and across the street from the Nevada State Museum. The Children's Museum includes interactive exhibits for all ages that help to reinforce learning and understanding. Read More

The interactive exhibits for children of all ages are fun for young and old alike. At the Nevada History Exhibit, children and adults alike can participate in a scavenger hunt that incorporates Nevada State history, symbols, counties, and politics. Put on a hard hat and protective goggles and then become the archeologist as you pick and brush away stone to reveal ancient bones and rocks.

There is a financial center where children can learn about dollars and cents. There is also a grocery store check out section where children can buy and sell products and practice addition and subtraction. If you want to shake your bootie – check out the Dance Revolution Section. Remember the movie "Big" – then step onto the walk-on piano and play a little tune. In addition, if that is not enough, explore robotics, magnetism, dress up, a doctor exhibit and much, much more!

As a private non-profit educational center, the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada, Inc., relies on private donations, fund-raisers, memberships and admissions to fund their day-to-day operation. The Museum is dedicated to "offering unique and innovative, hands-on learning adventures in the Arts, Sciences and Humanities, providing the joy of discovery to children and families from economically and culturally diverse backgrounds".

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Children's Museum of Northern Nevada

The Children's Museum of Northern Nevada is an interactive museum for kids of all ages in Carson City, Nevada.