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Make the most of your time in the great state of California, by combining a trip to the Lake Tahoe area with a trip to the area of Mammoth Lakes. In less than one half day, you can get from one location to the other. Both are filled with scenic wonder and spectacular landscapes. When you are so close, there is no excuse not to see them both. Read More

The tiny town of Mammoth Lakes, California is a lively four square mile area filled with nearly 8,000 individuals who enjoy living the good life in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. A young town when compared to others, Mammoth Lakes was not incorporated until 1984.

Surrounded by thousands of acres of forestland and bordered by the Ansell Adams and John Muir Wilderness Areas, this little mountain town is the perfect place for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. The Town of Mammoth Lakes is situated in the southwestern, mountainous region of Mono County, and many of its trails, campgrounds and roads either butt up against or cross the crest of the Sierra Nevada. Included within this area is one of the finest ski resorts in the western United States - Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Bounded on the west by the Sierra Nevada crest, this region is characterized by its mountains, lakes, streams and forests. Just thirty-two miles north of town, you will find the entrance to Yosemite National Park.
The economy of Mammoth Lakes is based primarily on tourism.

It is estimated that the Town of Mammoth Lakes receives 1.3 million visitors in the winter and 1.5 million in the summer for an annual average of 2.8 million visits. With all those visitors and all that experience in providing visitor service, Mammoth Lakes is bound to be a great place to spend some time.