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Yerington NV

Yerington, an out-of-the-way town with vintage appeal, has an historic Main Street stretch that's comprised of old saloons and casinos. Read More

  • The scenic drive from South Lake Tahoe to Yerington follows the canyon road around Bald Mountain and along Walker River.
  • The area is best known for local trout fishing in Walker River and nearby tributaries. But, Shhh! Don't tell anyone.
  • Remote and hardly "close" to anything, it's located in beautiful Mason Valley at 4378 feet elevation.
  • Lyon County Museum & Historical Society is located on historic Main Street and exhibits a collection of pioneer relics. 


Yerington, NV, was incorporated in 1907, and serves as seat of Lyon County. First established as a trading post and site for whiskey purchases dating back to the 1850s. Marked with old ghost towns and mining camps, to this day, Yerington is a remote spot that's a half-hour drive from anything. First called "Pizen Switch" and then "Greenfield," the town was renamed Yerington after a Virginia & Truckee Railroad executive , in the 1870s, in an attempt to bring the railroad through the town. It would be another 50 years or so before that would come to be. A flourish in the town's history came during the War Years in the first part of the 20th century.


Located at the intersection of US 95A and SR 208, the town sits along Walker River, just north of the confluence of East and West Walker Rivers and not too far north of Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest.


Situated in western Nevada's Mason Valley, east of Carson City, the quiet town's historic Main Street is lined with casinos and old neon signs. The town has been known to host annual harvest festivals and 4th of July celebrations. Lodging is sparse, but it can be found at one or two local inns. The local casino has been known to offer rooms, too. The median income in town is on the low side, but the charm of the town in priceless.


What to do in Yerington?

  • Fishing in the Walker River, and it's nearby tributaries, is so good that it's likely to change a person's religion. Award-winning trout have been caught in these waters. The river also serves as a great spot for bird-watching.
  • Hiking and horseback trails can be found at nearby Fort Churchill State Historic Park, north of town in Silver Springs. Nevada's first miliatry post has a museum and tours. Overnight camping is available on-site. Call (775) 577-2345 for more information.
  • Wilson Canyon Recreation Area: Located on the west fork of the Walker River, this beautiful spot is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, rock climbing and OHV riding. Be mindful of private property signs and other designated areas. Call (775) 885-6000 for more information.
  • Visit Lyon County Museum & Historical Society at 215 S. Main Street, houses frontier relics. The stately building with dramatic columns is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Call (775) 463-6576 for more information.

Getting There

It's easy to get to Yerington from South Lake Tahoe. Clocking in at about 75 miles, an approach from the south takes roadtrippers with a curious spirit over the Carson Range and through Nevada towns, such as Wellington and Smith Valley.