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One of the best things about a trip to Lake Tahoe is the scenery. Along the lake, there are many scenic overlooks and viewpoints that treat visitors to some of the most spectacular scenery in the region. Stop at as many as you can on your tour of the region and don't forget your camera! Read More

Lake Tahoe has something for everyone but the one thing the area is certainly not short on is breathtaking scenery. Truly one of the most picturesque spots in both California and Nevada, a trip to Tahoe demands that you always have a camera in hand in order to catch the awesome scenery that's always just around the corner.

Along the lake and in the region in general, there are a number of scenic points and overlooks that provide visitors with the best possible views of Tahoe's amazing landscape. For example, you may want to head to D.L. Bliss State Park, where you can check out Rubicon Point, which overlooks one of the lake's deepest spots.

Follow Highway 89 as it leaves South Lake Tahoe and skirts the western shore of the lake and you'll find several turn-outs and vista points for your viewing pleasure as you climb high into the mountains. The east side of the lake also features several well-placed overlooks and viewpoints.

For a great view of the nearby Carson Valley, follow Highway 207 – the Kingsbury Grade – and be sure to stop at the scenic overlooks as you ascend and then finally descend some 2,500 feet towards the valley floor.