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Bijou Golf Course

Whether looking for ultimate golfing vacations or just seeking a family holiday, the Bijou Golf Course, Lake Tahoe, California, provides an expert 32 par-range with just about a couple of thousands yards of exciting greenery. Open from April to October, it offers varied facilities, including nine holes of fun and excitement. Located just a short drive away from most of the major hotels and resorts, the course has become a firm favorite with all its visitors. Read More

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The Bijou Golf Course is located at the southern end of Lake Tahoe (California), offering golfing vacations that offer a championship level course for young and old. It is set against the backdrop of mountain meadows, spanning almost two thousand yards. It offers a range of facilities and is one of the area's premier 9-hole courses. Open only during the snow-free months, the golf course is perfect for families and does provide lessons for beginners and experts alike.

Ironically, Lake Tahoe can match its numbers of resorts to its golf courses, including the number of challenges available. It is possible to enjoy the pleasures of Bijou and go skiing later in the day. It is closed during the winter, being converted to an easy snowmobiling location.

Located at about six thousand feet above sea level, many new golfing tourists have to adapt to the different environment that the course provides. Experts recommend that less force is used when taking a shot as prevailing winds can easily send balls disappearing into the lake's depths, never to be seen again. In fact, some of the holes are located fairly close the lake's edge.

The Bijou has a clubhouse that comes complete with a restaurant/snack bar and golfing store. Reservations are not required, nor suggested, though it operates on a first come, first serve basis. Tee times start at 6 am and end at 6 pm daily. There is a practice net, clubhouse rentals and varied lesson levels available. Senior's can enjoy their own special day and lower fees. Though there are no motorized carts of caddies, pull carts are in abundance.