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Ponderosa Golf Course

The Ponderosa Golf Course is located in Truckee, California, offering varied golfing vacations that are sure to satisfy all levels of golfers. It provides 18-holes of spacious facilities and amenities that include everything from lessons to event rooms. In fact, its reputation has increased as quickly as the tourism industry across the Lake Tahoe region has, making it one of the area's premier establishments. Read More

Golfing vacations should instill a sense of adventure, relaxation and excitement for any golfer. The Ponderosa Golf Course is a top 18-hole course that has been delighting golfers for many years. It has established facilities and amenities, including a restaurant, shop, training center and other things that provide excellent services. Golfers come from far afield, some experienced and others not, but all seeking the superior challenges that this superb course can ultimately offer.

The Ponderosa has a fully serviced series of services, providing things for golfers and for events. There is a banquet room for tournament awards, weddings and other golfing events, as well as a picnic area for groups or corporate parties. Full catering can be provided, and for those wishing to take advantage of the golf store's offerings, whether for events or personal requirements, there is a large range of clubs, gloves, balls and quality clothing to satisfy every budget.

Catering facilities include a restaurant, bar and lounge. Varied refreshments and foods are available. The restaurant is located in the club house, accommodating varied group sizes for dining. All food is carefully prepared by expert chefs, ranging from tasty entrees to delicious desserts. It is open daily from 6am to 9pm. A Sunday brunch provides a buffet experience for a mere $11. However, for larger events, the catering services range from basic sandwiches for golf games or larger and more extravagant spreads for special dinners.

Golfing fees vary, starting at $18/$32 for green fees without/with a cart. Nine-hole games begin at $12/$19 for green fees, again without/with cart usage. Seniors can enjoy weekday special pricings: 18-holes at $13.50 (without a cart) or $24.75 (with a cart); or 9-holes at $11 (without cart) or $17 (with a cart). Holiday and weekend prices with a cart are $39 for 18-holes or $23 for 9-holes, and without a cart are $24 for 18-holes and $16 for 9-holes.

Annual memberships are also on offer. The regular fee is $1254 or $1026 for a senior. Husbands and wives pay a joint $1465, and senior couples pay only $1255. Families can enjoy it for merely $1617. People under the age of 21 pay $512, and seniors can opt for a weekend fee of only $837.