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Old Greenwood Golf Course

Golfing vacations in California are as numerous as the trees in a wilderness. Everywhere a visitor turns, golfing is available. In fact, when tourists get to visit Lake Tahoe they soon notice how popular golf really is. One of the newest courses can be found outside Truckee, a small resort town; the Old Greenwood Golf Course is a full 18-holes of fun. Read More

Old Greenwood Golf Course is located close to Truckee, California, and provides some exciting golfing vacations. In fact, it's proximity to Truckee makes it part of one of the newest Lake Tahoe all year round resort communities, and close to all the amenities of living that a resort could offer. Over seven thousand yards of entertaining play is available for young and old alike.

The Old Greenwood is one of the signature ones created by Jack Nicklaus. Details have been carefully attended to, even down to the landscape choices. What is created is a magnificent course and stately scenery that are comparable, if not better than his other creations.

The other interesting thing about the course is that it has luxurious townhouses and cabins on its property, all of which are available for multiple owners. In fact, they are perfect for summer homes or for that golfing vacation away from home. Many owners rarely use these places and so any golfing vacation should take into consideration private rentals right on the course grounds as an option before heading to a hotel.

There are no special packages for golfers there. Prices are kept simple and straight forward, including balls and a cart, running from $100 to $170 per person.