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Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course has been the site of many world class golfing tournaments, attracting some of the best names in golf history. Located in Stateline, Nevada, this historic course is the perfect place to enjoy a game or two and even vacations. In fact, many thousands come to walk its fairways and test their hands on rolling hills that were once the roadways of stagecoaches. With excellent amenities and superb local accommodation, any golfing holiday is hard to beat there. Read More

Picking the best location for inspiring vacations is tough at best, especially when it concerns golfing. However, as most Californian and Nevadan residents will attest to, anything involving golf has to include the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline, Nevada. Steeped in a long history, not just regarding golf, the course has permanently etched its name into the minds of sports enthusiasts for its hosting of world championships and other delightful shenanigans. However, most tourists come to relax, golf and enjoy the amenities of the course and its surrounding hotels.

Edgewood's days began in the 1800's as a ranch and stagecoach line for the Pony and Well's Fargo express lines. However, many years later, in 1968, the land where the current course is, was bought and the golf course designed by a George Fazio. It has since become of the United States' top courses, offering challenging and fairly reasonable tests of anyone's golfing abilities.

Vacations at Edgewood are very common. Most people choose the nearby resort of Twin Pines, which sits alongside the golf course, just across the borderline in California. Golfers can enjoy superb accommodation, as well as easy access to local stores, restaurants, casinos and other activities. Access is available to a private beach and pier, which expansive terraces for dining out in the summer evenings. For others, nearby campgrounds are more than sufficient, providing the usual amenities expected in such well-maintained locations.

The golf course also has its own restaurant, open every night of the summer from 5:30pm till late. The restaurant is located in the clubhouse, offering incredible views of Lake Tahoe and the golf course, making it a wonderful place to enjoy and after tee dinner for one or more. However, for those who prefer something less formal, the clubhouse bar provides indoor or deck seating in a casual environment that is perfect for refueling or enjoying the pleasure of the company of friends after a hard day of golf. They offer meals for every time of the day, including a broad selection of snacks.

The course is so well respected that it has been used for world championship golf, attracting some major names in the business. Celebrities regularly visit the course, finding solace from the information hungry crowds of the media and the huge fan followings that riddle their normal daily lives.