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When looking for the perfect golfing vacations in Nevada's entertainment and gambling city of Reno, look no further than its twelve courses where golf has become as big a revenue as the entertainment in its hotels. In fact, special packages are available when booking Reno hotels that specifically involve golfing at either a private, public or municipal course. Read More

Reno, Nevada is home to twelve golf courses. Tourists can choose between private clubs and courses, public or municipal ones. Golfing vacations are a common thing in that city where entertainment is its biggest resource. Most hotels provide golf packages that combine accommodation, gambling, entertainment, golf and dining.

Some of Reno's golf courses are private, but by invitation or because the course is include in a vacation package, golfing there is allowed. Reno has five private courses, including two at the ArrowCreek Golf Club, Hidden Valley Country Club, Montreux Golf & Country Club, Somersett Country Club and the Somersett Country Club - Canyon Nine. Its other courses are all open to the general public, though they may be public or municipal.

The ArrowCreek Golf Club has two courses, including the Legend and the Challenge, both of which are 18-hole. The Legend covers over seven thousand yards, par 72 and is considered to be a difficult course, rated at 75%. The Challenge is almost seven and a half thousand yards, par 72 and rated still fairly high at 74%.

The Hidden Valley Country Club is an 18-hole course that provides four teeboxes on a championship green that is suited for all levels of golfing abilities. Covering about seven thousand yards, the course is par 72 and rated at 74.1%, a fairly difficult course.

The Montreux Golf & Country Club is also an 18-hole course, covering some seven and a half thousand yards. It is a very difficult course and rated very high at 75.3%. This par 72 golfing area also provides three different tees, depending on ability and skill.

The Somersett Country Clubs, but one is located elsewhere in the city. This is the largest one with 18-holes, 7252 yards of area and remains unrated. There are five tees available and it is considered to be an easy course.

The other Somersett Country Club, Canyon Nine, is located in centralized Reno, offering a small 9-hole course and still remains unrated. It is over seven thousand yards in size, but was recently built in 2003, so it is considered by most to be one of the easiest golf courses in the city.

The Brookside Golf Course is a three thousand yard area, par 35 and with an easy rating of 34%. This municipal 9-hole challenge is more about having fun and challenging beginner skills than anything else.

The LakeRidge Golf Course is a public, 18-hole, six thousand seven hundred yard course with an intermediate rating of 70.8%. With a par of 71, it offers three teeboxes for golf that is still challenging at a medium level, but entertaining.

The Northgate Golf Club (public) is an 18-hole course for intermediate level players. It provides four teeboxes and is rated at 72.3%. Covering over six thousand yards it is meant for challenging fun versus serious action.

The Rosewood Lakes Golf Course is an 18-hole municipal course, measuring about six thousand six hundred yards. It offers four teeboxes and has an intermediate rating of 70%, suited for most players.

The Sierra Sage Golf Course provides an intermediate, 18-hole challenge for all levels in three teeboxes. It is rated at 70.4% and covers six thousand six hundred and five yards.

The Washoe County Golf Club is a municipal course with 18 holes. It provides three teeboxes and an intermediate run that covers over six thousand six hundred yards. It is rated at 70.6%.

Finally, the Wolf Run Golf Club is another public 18-hole course that offers medium to difficult challenges for all skill levels at a par of 71. It is rated at 72.1% and has four different teeboxes to choose from.