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Carnelian Bay, CA, is a sleepy little community on the north shore of Lake Tahoe that has something for everyone. Read More

  • The “Bay” has the best pickings of amenities, activities and is in close proximity to many recreational opportunities.
  • On the way from Truckee, CA to Carnelian Bay you will pass Brockway Summit where you will find spectacular views and a trailhead for a biking/hiking trail.
  • Visitors can browse among the many shops, art galleries, museums and enjoy the annual festivals.


Lake Tahoe has attracted visitors a long time. With a wide choice of accommodations, as well as a seemingly endless supply of activities to indulge in, it is not surprising that some choose to make the area their permanent home. Even business people are finding the tranquil scenery and quiet backdrop to be a soothing and profitable alternative to city life. Families with kids are well provided for with schools and many other amenities.


Carnelian Bay as the name suggests sits on a little bay on the northern edge of Lake Tahoe.


The fact is that out of the many areas of choice, the bay has the best pickings of amenities, activities and close proximity to recreation needs. Many a business has packed up and moved to the area. Families have dropped everything to enjoy clean country air and the familiarity with close knit communities.

There are many lodging choices and food choices include steaks, Italian, barbecue, American classic, burgers, pizza, sushi, Mexican, pub cuisine, European, cowboy chow, grilled, French, Chinese, Mongolian, Swiss, American Native and so many more.


Families can take kids for educational activities at libraries or grab a boat in the marinas. However, for a super adventure for families, kids, couples and almost anyone the typical American-style camps are still operating as they have done for decades. If that was not enough, there are wineries, parks, caves, nature centers and mansions.


The majority of the attractions are huddled amongst the nearby communities that dot the bay's shoreline. Visitors can browse amongst the many shops, art galleries, museums and partake in the annual festivals. Sports enthusiasts can take in the golf courses, harbors, ranches, Business people can set up for the day or host events in nearby conference centers, hotel ballrooms and chat at the many coffee shops. Gamblers will also find themselves at home amongst the many casinos and betting shops.

Getting Here

The fastest way to travel to Carnelian Bay is to take Interstate 80 to Truckee, CA. From Truckee take CA-267 southeast for approximately 11 miles. Turn right onto CA-28/Lake Shore Drive and continue for another 3.5 miles.

On the way you will pass Brockway Summit. Here you will spectacular views and a trailhead for a biking/hiking trail. The last 3.5 miles run along the shore of Lake Tahoe providing a very picturesque drive.