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Stateline (NV) is a tiny Nevada town that is located just outside of Lake Tahoe, offering great information about travel and recreation in the area, as well as pleasant real estate options for those wishing to have a peaceful and exciting place to bring their families to. In fact, it is situated close enough to the lake and other vacations' spot that many tourists choose to stay in its quiet accommodations, which are significantly less expensive than staying lake-side. Read More

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Families are sure to be taken in by the hospitable and country-like atmosphere of Nevada's small town of Stateline (NV), especially as its real estate is more affordable than other nearby towns and cities, as well as providing all the necessary amenities and travel information needed to partake in the recreation that nearby Tahoe Lake is famous for. Local accommodation also affords reasonable accommodation and easy dining for those wanting to avoid the crowds that flock to many of the other towns.

It is interesting to see how much the local population suddenly swells, even doubling during the active summer and winter seasons. Plenty of rental homes and hotel suites are available to one and all, accommodating not only families with kids, but business travelers who sometimes arrive without prior bookings and need a base for their many adventures.

Stateline has four casino resorts as well as two additional casino venues. Some cater to the visiting tourists, but others are more designed with the locals and those with less to spend on their gambling. It is not surprising that even those these hotels are filled to capacity during peak seasons, bus loads of other tourists arrive daily, visiting from all over the lake region and other major, out of town hotels.

The town is also well-known for its major road that leads into the Sierra Nevada Mountains and onto the resort towns that sit along the lake. However, as many a tourist discovers, the route through the mountain pass is less than amicable during the heavy snows, requiring special snow chains as it can be very treacherous. In fact, the worst road section during the winter months is by far the Kingsbury Grade, which sits close to many of Stateline's hotels.

Summer weather opens the town up significantly. Visitors can wander into the parks and mountains, driving the long road to the lake or heading off into the wilderness along the area's many trails. Some are designated for hikers and backpackers only, but a few are paved, allowing for cycling, strollers and wheelchairs. A couple of them are very popular with mountain bikers.

The town's parks offer picnic and barbecuing facilities which are very popular, especially during the July 4th celebrations. Local and visiting families congregate together for reunions, company picnics and general fun and excitement, enjoying the hospitality and warmth that Stateline has become known for.