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Glenbrook is the oldest town in the Lake Tahoe area, assisting in the construction of the state of Nevada by supplying needed timber for generations. Read More

  • Glenbrook is a private resort community located on the east shore of Lake Tahoe.
  • If you are traveling from out of town, you will need to find hotel or motel accommodations in other communities.
  • This community has a white sandy beach, meadowlands, a nine hole golf course, tennis courts, cross country skiing, biking, hiking and exploring nature.


Glenbrook neighborhood in Lake Tahoe, NV is an unincorporated community in Douglas County. It was named for its two primary geographic features — Glen, a secluded valley, and Brook, a small stream. At an elevation of 6,250 feet it is one of the oldest settlements on Lake Tahoe. Because of this it played a significant part of Nevada’s statehood as the main supplier of timber to the Comstock and Virginia City. The first settlers of the valley, which included Captain Augustus W. Pray, arrived in 1860.


It is located on the East shore of Lake Tahoe, due west of Carson City. This small community is about 10 mi South of Incline Village, and about 12 mi North of South Lake Tahoe, California.


Glenbrook, Nevada epitomizes the qualities of a rural lakeshore community. Only 150 acres of Glenbrook’s 750 acres have been developed. Nearly 600 acres remain undisturbed, offering homeowners serenity as well as unique recreational opportunities.

If you are traveling from out of town, you will need to find hotel or motel accommodations in other communities. Glenbrook does have a wide variety of vacation rental homes.


Glenbrook offers limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation. This community invites you to enjoy a half mile of white sandy beach, acres of meadowland, a nine hole golf course and country club, championship tennis courts, pier and buoy field, cross country skiing, and leisurely afternoons biking, hiking and exploring nature.


With its location on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe, the major attraction is, of course the lake itself and all that it provides.

Getting Here

If you head south from Carson City, NV first on US 395 and then turn west on US-50, in a short 20-30 minutes, you will find yourself at the east shore of Lake Tahoe and Glenbrook, NV. The drive is extremely scenic as the roadway travels through forested mountains and then opens up to the wide vista of Lake Tahoe.