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California has substantial information about some of the best travel spots for winter vacations around. As is customary with many of these areas, the Tahoe Donner Association (CA) has assisted both hotel owners and real estate purchasers, letting them enjoy the wonders that such a combined venture has to offer. In fact, with so much available to buyers to do, it is no surprise that the number of private rental accommodations is on the increase there. Read More

The Tahoe Donner Association (CA) boasts one of the United States' best winter resort areas, covering a broad terrain that is truly a place for adventurers of all ages. Information about its amazing real estate prospects and travel vacations abound. With so much to offer the future Olympian or the relaxing family, the resort area is gaining more and more popularity each year.

Tahoe Donner offers world class skiing, downhill and cross country. It sits high up in the Truckee Mountains, not far from major attractions like Donner Lake and only a short drive away from Lake Tahoe. The scenery is hard to beat, and combined with chairlifts, well-maintained ski runs and an open door policy to assist families and single people alike, anyone and everyone can go away with an experience that they can cherish forever.

Kids will definitely never get bored there. Slopes are not over-crowded. The terrain is easy to navigate and there are always friendly staff members waiting to help or guide beginners. In fact, one of the most popular kids' activities is the weekend sledding rides. For the older people, ski shops, demonstrations, bars, snack facilities, restaurants, lounges, stores and ski rental shops are sure to please.

Accommodation wise, visitors can choose from the area's cornerstone, its beautiful and fully functional lodge, private rented suites/rooms/condos/houses, or nearby hotels and motels. Dining is also a unique experience, offering everything from fast food to fine continental cuisine.

There are many events offered, such as football evenings, annual Halloween parties, federal election soirees, a Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings, a Christmas lighting evening with crafts/marshmallows roasted over fires/Santa visits/music, wine mixing and tasting festivals and a family New Year's Eve party. Other amenities include a golf course, marina and beach, campground, day camp, horse riding facilities, a pool, information center, tennis courts, fishing center and boating rental center.

Tahoe Donner was founded in the 1970's, with its first private home following shortly thereafter. Today over six thousand people call it home, though only twenty percent of those stay there year round, whilst most use their homes for holidays and/or rent them out to interested visitors.