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Gardnerville, NV is only a short distance away from Lake Tahoe. Read More

  • There is a wide array of places to stay including historic dude ranches.
  • Outdoor recreation includes hiking, fishing, road cycling and mountain biking, motorcycle areas, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, hot air ballooning, water skiing and wakeboarding.
  • Being Nevada, you’ll find the 24 hour gaming you expect at local casinos.


Founded over one hundred years ago, Gardnerville (NV) has seen an increase in the demand for both business and residential real estate. Not only is it one of the hotspots for travel information to places like Lake Tahoe, but it is a prime stop for vacations. In fact, many come to relax in this quiet Nevada community, wander around its peaceful streets and enjoy the lush backdrop of picturesque scenery that it is famous for.
It is hard to properly put the town into one descriptive basket because it appeals to so many different people. Some love its natural feel and access to nature, whereas others adore its semi-suburban hints. Either way its close proximity to Reno and Lake Tahoe make it endearing to almost everyone.


Gardnerville can be found in Douglas County, Nevada, to the southeast of Lake Tahoe. It is adjacent to other small towns that are all nestled in the Carson Valley including the county seat of Minden.


There is a wide array of places to stay including historic dude ranches. Dining choices ranging from traditional Basque to friendly family style to Asian.

Its many amenities are evidence of the town's determination to make it a pleasant place for families to live. There are four main parks, with outdoor centers, wetlands and even wildlife watching. Other important features include tennis courts, a pond, baseball diamond, playgrounds, a skating park, golf courses and pleasant walks; nearby ski resorts and casino hotels draw in their own crowds.


Outdoor recreation abounds; hiking, fishing, road cycling and mountain biking, motorcycle areas, wildlife viewing and horseback riding. Hot Air ballooning, water skiing and wakeboarding and one of the world’s premier locations for gliding gives you a chance to soar.

Being just a short distance from Lake Tahoe, world class skiing is just minutes away. Antique stores and boutiques feature treasures waiting to be discovered and galleries featuring a surprising array of artists are scattered throughout the area. Performances range from free concerts and movies in the parks to nationally known artists and theater productions presented in intimate venues.


History is everywhere, from museums to Nevada’s oldest permanent settlement (and bar) to the family ranches, held for generations. Being Nevada, you’ll find the 24 hour gaming you expect.

  • Carson Valley Museum and Cultural Center
    First serving as a high school, the building now features Basque and Native American exhibits as well as an exhibit on Nevada's wild and free-roaming mustangs.

Getting Here

U.S. Route 395 runs through the center of Gardnerville. State Route 207, known as Kingsbury Grade, connects Gardnerville to Stateline and U.S. Route 50. If you are traveling from Lake Tahoe National Park to Gardnerville, the best route is to take NV-28 east for approximately 10 miles. At the junction with US-395, turn south and travel another 20 miles to Gardnerville.

Although the distance is short, it will take about 1 ½ hours to complete the trip. The trip does take you away from beautiful Lake Tahoe, but along the way you will be traveling through scenic Carson Valley, NV.

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Gardnerville, NV

Gardnerville is a small town located in Douglas County in Western Nevada with a population of about 3,500.